Pictures of the Solo Square Dance members that helped with the Sept/Oct Tip Topper

AUG13 009The Solo Square Dance Club provided the people power to assemble the September/October Tip Topper and in the above picture provided by Beth it seems that Don is surrounded. Thanks to Betsy, Erika, Susan, Beth, Carolyn, Betty and Don for representing the club.


The latest Cuyahoga Fair Schedule (7/27/2013)

Here is the latest schedule

Monday 8/5   7:30-9:30 Tuesday 8/6 7:30-9:30 Wednesday 8/7 7:30-9:30 Thursday 8/8 7:30-9:30 Friday 8/9 7:30-9:30 Saturday 8/10 7:30-9:30 Sunday 8/11 7:00-9:00
Tom Strickland John Ramsey Skip Rueschman Tom Rudebock Tom Strickland Bill Meese Chris Jacobs

Western Square Dancing in Berea, Ohio