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Congrats new grads

Congrats to our 14 new Solo Squares dancers who will be graduating at our last lesson of this year on Monday evening, May 22, 2023! We are so proud of you and recognize all the time and effort (not to mention, fun!) you have put into this effort. We hope you will continue to square dance not only this summer but for many years to come and will encourage others to join you.

Diane Moore, President, Solo Squares Dance Club

Successful Mark Moorehead dance with 9 squares

On 1/23/2015 we held our annual Mark Moorehead dance with 9 squares dancing to caller Tom Strickland. Our members outdid themselves with supply all of the great goodies on the snack table. We had 16 students from various clubs in the area. The clubs that were in attendance were Gnat Boxers, Lake Erie, North Coast, Buckeyes, Brecksville, Broken Wheel, Circulators, Shawnee and Solo Squares.

The pictures that we took can be found at:

and the video of a sing call is at:

Thanks to all of the club members that helped and those who supplied the goodies AND thanks to all of the clubs that attended

Bob Davis —- President

The July and August dance schedule is missing from the New Tip Topper edition

For some reason the July and August dances are not shown in the calendar of the Tip Topper. We are having dances during July and August. The schedule is:

July 11 Caller Dan Austin theme Red, White and Blue
July 25 Caller Kenny Campbell theme Animal night
August 22 Caller Tom Strickland Theme Sports Night

We are sorry for the confusion.

Bob Davis


First summer dance of 2014 with Mike Sumpter calling

We were dancing in the basement of the Berea Masonic Hall in comfortable air-conditioned air. We had as many as 4 squares up for a couple of tips but mainly danced with 3 squares. We had recently graduated students from Solo’s, Lake Erie and Brecksville. Dave Graf won the 50/50 and Marilyn Ostroske won the free dance pass that we give to one of the dancers that donate food for our snack table.

After the dance we had a short club meeting to elect the officers for the 2014-2015 dance season. the results of the elections was:
President — Bob Davis
Vice President — Erika Toth
Secretary — Norm Ostroske
Corresponding Sec. — Patricia Kilbane
Treasurer — Charlie Dunfee
Asst. Treasurer — Denise Adler
Member at Large — Betty Clay
Member at Large — Joan Strifler

Thank you, Betty Clay and Joan Strifler for serving on the nominating committee this year.

Solo Square Dance club dance on 5/23 with Tom Strickland

We had six squares up dancing at one time at the dance and had enough to dance seven but did not have enough guys that could dance the ladies part, now that is a switch as there usually not enough guys.

We had dancers from Hubs, Brecksville, Broken Wheel, Buckeyes, North Coast, Johnny Appleseed, Marschmellows and Lake Erie who banner raided. I hope that I did not miss any clubs as I lost the sheet that I wrote that information onto. Thanks for coming everyone.

Ruth Ann from Lake Erie won the cakewalk prize that was provided by Betty Clay, Barb Davis won the free pass for providing snacks and Ray Marsch from Marschmellows won the fifty-fifty drawing.

This will be the last dance being held at St. Paul  until September 2014. Our Summer dances will be at the Berea Masonic Hall just across the parking lot from St. Paul Lutheran Church.