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Solos dance on 12/13 with Caller Tom Strickland

On 12/13/2013 we had our first student level dance for the 2013-2014 year. Tom Strickland was the caller for the dance and we had 6 students attend the dance. Lake Erie Squares banner raided Students from Lake Erie Squares and Solo Squareswith 13 members. We danced 5 squares most of the night. Terry Kremzar won the free dance pass for bringing some goodies for the snack table and even though the president held the bucket of 50-50 tickets above her head, Terry succeeded in drawing her husband’s ticket. The cakewalk prize that Norm and Marilyn Ostroske provided was won by Jeff Zemito.

Below is a sampling of the pictures taken at the dance.









11/22 Dance with Gene Hammond

On 11/23 we danced to Gene Hammond with as many as 5 squares. Gene had us do some unique formations like the one with 4 squares in one formation. Betty Clay won the free dance pass and Jan Waryk won the pie provide by Lenny Smith for the cake walk. A Brecksville dancer took home the 50-50. We announced that we had a successful banner retrieval from Brecksville on 11/15 and promptly returned our banner as they raided us at the dance. We also had dancers from Broken wheel at the dance.

Brecksville, Medina and Hubs are now have one of our banners.

Bob Davis — President

A successful banner retrieval

We had a great time dancing to Ed Pabst at Brecksville with 8 squares dancing at various times during the evening.
We were successful in retrieving our banner at Brecksville on 11/15. Terry and Bill Kremzar, Barb and Bob Davis, Betty Clay, Ed Donohoe, Frank Macuga and I think Ron Soukup and Jan Waryk signed in as Solo’s so we had enough dancers to do the retrieval. If I am wrong about the names please let me know so that I can give proper credit.
We now have to get our banners back from Medina and Hubs and also start raiding so that we get other clubs banners for them to come to Solo’s to retrieve it back.
Bob Davis — President

We had 5 Squares while dancing to Dick Mackey

On Friday 11/08 we enjoyed dancing to Dick Mackey. At times we had 5 squares up and dancing as Dick played with our minds in the way he called the square dance calls we all knew but not necessary in the formations that we were familiar executing them from.

The night was our Chili dance and Marilyn Ostroske, Susan Madden, Jerry Wolas, Virginia Marton and Betty Clay provided a wide range of chili dishes and the membership did a great job in providing side dishes and desserts for the pleasure of all!

We had dancers from Gnat Boxers, Brecksville who brought an entire square but couldn’t banner raid because they already have our banner, Broken Wheel and Medina.

Betsy Halladay greeted and Don Jaworske won the cake that she provided for the cakewalk.

Patricia Kilbane collected the free dance pass for bringing food and then drew the 50/50 ticket for her husband Pat.

11/1/2013 A successful banner raid at Broken Wheel

On 11/1 nine Solo Square Dance Club members showed up at Broken Wheel to dance to caller Tom Rudebock and cuer Kristy Lake. Thanks to Susan, Spanky, Terry, Bill, Caroline, Frank, Beverly, Barb and Bob for being at Broken Wheel to retrieve our banner. There were 8 squares up and dancing for quite a few tips. We had a good time and lots of fellowship.


Bob Davis

October 25th Halloween dance

On October 25th we held the Halloween dance and danced 4 squares to Chris Jacobs most of the night. We had guests from Hubs, Brecksville, Lake Erie, Medina and North Coast. Hopefully I didn’t miss any club because I forgot to look at the sign in sheet. IMG_4451

Here is a picture of the dancers that came dressed for Halloween some more then others. Everyone had a good time and the snack table had quite a varied selection so nobody went away hungry.

Dance on 9/13

We had Danny Beck call for us on 9/13 to the enjoyment of all that were there and we had nothing but good luck.

We danced 4 squares most of the night and we were banner raided by Brecksville and Medina. We were visited by a couple from Temple Twirlers located in Florida and enjoy their company.

We are going to have to make a more concentrated effort to banner raid as we are out of banners and the only banners that we know the locations of are Brecksville and Medina. If anyone is out to a dance and sees one of our banners PLEASE let Bob Davis or Erika Toth know where you saw the banner so that we can schedule a banner retrieval at that club. Thank You!

Lore  Labuda won the free dance pass for bringing in a treat for us to enjoy and Jim Masuga  won the fifty-fifty.