Went to Lake Erie Squares on 4/5 and came home with their banner

We ended up having an impromptu banner raid when 8 Solo dancers showed up at the Lake Erie Square’s dance on 4/05. Thanks to Don, Betsy, Jan, Ron, Bill and Terry for signing in as Solo’s so that with Barb and I it made the banner raid possible.

A successful Banner Raid of Medina on 4/4

Eight Solo dancers danced to Dick Mackey at Medina Squares on 4/4/2014 and since they did not have our banner (my mistake) we had a successful Banner Raid. The dancers from Solo’s that raided were Sherrie, Beverly, Jeff, Bert, Don, Shelby, Barb and me. At one time there were 5 squares up and dancing and a couple of Medina students trying their hand at a dance
Bob Davis