There is a new web address for the Cleveland Federation website

I just found out yesterday that the Cleveland Federation website has a new web address. So for those that have the Cleveland Federation bookmarked or in there favorites you need to change the entry to:

 Jerry is still working on the conversion so some of the links and pages still need updated or content added.


Bob Davis — President

October 25th Halloween dance

On October 25th we held the Halloween dance and danced 4 squares to Chris Jacobs most of the night. We had guests from Hubs, Brecksville, Lake Erie, Medina and North Coast. Hopefully I didn’t miss any club because I forgot to look at the sign in sheet. IMG_4451

Here is a picture of the dancers that came dressed for Halloween some more then others. Everyone had a good time and the snack table had quite a varied selection so nobody went away hungry.

Charity dance on 10/11 is a success!

Believe in the CureOn 10/11 we held our annual charity dance sponsoring “Believe in the Cure'” created by are own Beth Filina’s daughter-in-law Joanne Filinia. Thanks to our members and visitors we raised $351 that will be used here in Ohio to focus on adolescent and young adult cancer research along with providing funds to families that need assistance in paying the medical bills that pile up during cancer treatment. You can learn more about this charity at Joanne’s website

Our visiting clubs were Brecksville, Circulator’s who had a banner retrieval, Broken Wheel who banner raided, Lake Erie and Western Whirlers. There were times that we had 6 squares up at a time dancing to Mike Sumpter.

The cake walk prize was provided by Frank and Caroline Walters and was won by Sherrie. The fifty-fifty was won by one of the Circulator Square Dance members.