Dance on 9/13

We had Danny Beck call for us on 9/13 to the enjoyment of all that were there and we had nothing but good luck.

We danced 4 squares most of the night and we were banner raided by Brecksville and Medina. We were visited by a couple from Temple Twirlers located in Florida and enjoy their company.

We are going to have to make a more concentrated effort to banner raid as we are out of banners and the only banners that we know the locations of are Brecksville and Medina. If anyone is out to a dance and sees one of our banners PLEASE let Bob Davis or Erika Toth know where you saw the banner so that we can schedule a banner retrieval at that club. Thank You!

Lore  Labuda won the free dance pass for bringing in a treat for us to enjoy and Jim Masuga  won the fifty-fifty.

Free introductory Lessons to Square Dance start on September 9th

We will start our first of three free introductory to Square Dancing sessions on September 9th. The sessions are free to all who come to learn more about Western style Square dancing. Come in casual dress and comfortable shoes by yourself or with someone as we have plenty of experienced Square Dancers to dance along with you. Enjoy the friendship of our club and a little low impact exercise of the body and mind.

The introductory sessions last through September and then the lessons start in October where you will learn more Square Dance calls then were taught during the introductory sessions. Lessons start promptly at 7 PM and last until 9 PM and cost $4 per lesson.

We hope to see you there!

The lessons are held at:

St. Paul Lutheran Church,
276 E. Bagley Rd,
Berea, Ohio 44017
Which is on the corner of Eastland and Bagley roads.

Bob Davis — Club President