January 24th lessons are canceled

The above slideshow  contains pictures taken at lessons and dances attended by our members


We were a singles club when the club was founded in 1961 but NOW our membership is open to everyone who graduates from a plus level class.  The purpose of Solo Squares Dance Club is to promote square dancing and to foster a spirit of good fellowship in the square dance community. To do this we provide square dance classes for new students with a qualified caller.

What is square dancing? It is not the gym ( I’m sorry, Physical Education) sessions that you might have had back in elementary school days but a social activity  which engages you in connecting with people. Some say it is “friendship set to music” and this activity is indeed a great way to create friendships. Square dancing is perceived as an “old folk” dance but it is far from that! Below is a You Tube video showing several different venues where square dances have been held and perhaps it would be better if we would call it Pattern Dancing” as they do in this video!!

Pattern Dancing aka Square dancing