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The latest Cuyahoga Fair Schedule (7/27/2013)

Here is the latest schedule

Monday 8/5   7:30-9:30 Tuesday 8/6 7:30-9:30 Wednesday 8/7 7:30-9:30 Thursday 8/8 7:30-9:30 Friday 8/9 7:30-9:30 Saturday 8/10 7:30-9:30 Sunday 8/11 7:00-9:00
Tom Strickland John Ramsey Skip Rueschman Tom Rudebock Tom Strickland Bill Meese Chris Jacobs

The Solo Square Dance Club calendar has been updated

I have updated the Solo Square Dance Club calendar with the summer schedule for Brecksville (Note new location and times) and the schedule for the workshops that Tom Strickland will be holding on Tuesday nights at the Christ the King Church in North Olmsted.

Bob Davis

The website is alive and well


We have officially switched over to this website. The old website will no longer be updated with new information. Some information that you might find useful.

  • This new website is mobile device friendly.
  • The home page is a blog for us to keep everyone informed of events happening with the club.
  • You can “follow” the blog by signing up with your Email address and receive an Email anytime that a new entry is added to the Home page Blog.
  • Everything that was contained in the old website is here. The Photo Album webpage has links to the photo Album Google Picasa where we maintain our club pictures.

Enjoy the new website WWW.SoloSquareDanceClub.Com

Bob Davis — President — Webmaster