Advance Lessons

This is a list of the Advance Calls that we have been “Introduced to”! The links will take you to the TAMinations that show an Animation of the call.  Thanks to Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club for the animations.
Note: 02/23/2011 – I noticed today that the “VCR” controls for the Taminations webpages were not visible! I had to change Internet Explorer to fullscreen mode by pressing F11 in order to display the “VCR” controls. You use F11 to toggle back to the Normal screen mode!   Bob Davis

To obtain a list of the definitions of the calls from CallerLab, click HERE

Belles and Beaus  (naming convention)

Definition ===> In a couple, the dancer on the left is the “beau” and the dancer on the right is the “belle”.

“Touch a” 3/4 or 1/2
Definition ===> Same as “Touch a Quarter” but you cast off either 3/4 or a 1/2
New Calls

Date Call
as of 5/16  Grand Remake
 Diamond Chain Thru
 Peel and Trail (from a completed Double pass thru)
 Peel and trail (Columns)
4/24/2013 Split/Box transfer
 4/18/2013  No new calls
 4/10/2013  Trail Off
 Remake family
 Switch to an Hourglass (waves only)
 3/27/2013 Checkmate the Column
03/13/2013 No Lesson
03/07/2013 Review Night
02/27/2013 Review Night
2/13/2013 HourGlass Circulate
Cut the HourGlass
Flip the HourGlass
Pass and Roll Your Neighbor
 2/7/2013  Recycle (Facing Couples)
 Spin the Windmill
 Switch to a Diamond (waves only)
 As of 1/31/2013  Motivate
 Switch the wave
 Scoot Chain Thru
 Pass and Roll
 Trade and Circulate (Waves only)
 Left Roll to a wave
 Scoot and Weave
 Box Counter Rotate
 Split Counter Rotate
Single Wheel
 In Roll Circulate
 Out Roll Circulate
 As of 01/05/13  This completes all of the A1 calls
 Work on “Any Hand” concept
 Split Square Chain Thru
 Cross Clover and (anything)
 Lock it
 Grand Quarter thru
 Grand three Quarter Thru
 Reverse Swap Around
 Cycle and Wheel
 Anything and Cross
 3/4 Thru
 Triple Star Thru
 Cycle and Wheel
 Grand 1/4 Thru
 Explode and…(Line of Four)
 Grand 34/ thru
 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 Top
12/06/2012  Scoot and Dodge
 Double Star Thru
 Left Wheel Thru
 Square Chain Thru
 11/13/2012  Explode the line
 Swap Around
 Cross over Circulate (from a wave)
 11/8/2012  Step and Slide
 Horseshoe Turn
 Split Square Thru
 Transfer the Column
 11/1/2012   Quarter Out
 Cross over Circulate (2 face line)
 Partner Tag
 Partner Hinge
 Clover and anything
 Pass the Sea
 10/24/2012  Cast a Shadow
 Pass Out
 10/18/2012  Quarter In
 10/10/2012  6-2 Acey Deucy
 Right Roll to a Wave
 10/04/2012 Chain Reaction
 09/27/2012  Half Breed Thru (Brace Thru)
 Pair off
 Cross Trail Thru
 Quarter Thru
 Wheel Thru
 Turn and Deal ( Lines)
 Cross Trail Thru
 Triple scoot
  Pass In
  Quarter Thru
  Triple Trade
Wheel Thru
  Quarter Thru
 Grand Follow your Neighbor
 Updated on  04/25/2013

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